Created for In The Woods Festival, the piece involved customised periscopes hung around the forest, revealing various mythical and unlikely creatures in their sights. Audiences were invited to write down what they saw, with their contributions hung alongside the periscopes.
Commissioned by In The Woods for their festival in August 2014.

An interactive piece, responding to the idea of finance and the arts, focusing on the performer as financial risktaker; the commission for the piece was gambled in a series of simple games - from coin tosses to arm wrestles to card games - with audience members.
Commissioned by ArtsAdmin for their Work Experience event in September 2013.

An installation for an exhibition on claustrophilia which featured storytelling about real-life memories of small spaces, staged inside a customised box fort. Audience members were invited, one at a time, to eat biscuits, hear stories and share their own.
Created for Nice Spread's exhibition at the Bussey Building in March 2013.

An interactive piece, inviting audience members to reply to bundles of one-sided love notes. Their responses were then used as the basis for a rapid-response film which was improvised, edited and shown on the same night.
Created for Open Arts Cafe's 'Love Machine' night in February 2013.