A show featured as part of Plymouth Fringe Festival on 30th & 31st May 2016.

Someone's waiting for a chance to talk.
She's spent far too long trying not to say certain things.
It's about time she was honest.

Combining recorded audio with live performance, Inheritance looked at loneliness, connection and the best things people can leave us with. A heartfelt and poignant one-on-one show that explored how we define ourselves, both by our relationships with others and the secrets we keep.

Audience responses:

"Thankyou for the most personal, moving and powerful theatre I've experienced. I have not seen a show like it before. It took me somewhere new and I left feeling spoilt and changed."

"Thankyou so much for Inheritance. Myself and my girlfriend's hearts were warmed (me) and broken (her)."


A co-production with Loitering With Intent Theatre Company, with a work-in-progress showing at Camden People's Theatre in August 2015.
The show looks at dementia from the perspective of family members and carers in addition to those diagnoised with the illness, in some cases drawing from the company's own experiences. A frank yet playful exploration of the impact dementia has on people's lives, we are currently looking at future development and performance options for the show.
Cast: Thea Collings, Chloe Mashiter, Sean Matthews, William Sebag-Montefiore
Director: Shani Erez
Writer: Anna Gat
With thanks to: The Rag Factory, Wac Arts, CSSD, Camden Fringe, Amit Levy, Jane Sunderland, Sarah Davey-Hull and the Forest Hill Space, Matt Garland, Anna O'Dell and Malachy Orozco, and the whole team at Camden People's Theatre.

A Doll's House was performed at Space Arts Centre in June 2015.
A fresh look at Ibsen's classic examination of identity, independence and duty, featuring the rarely-performed alternate ending and soundtracked by Fleetwood Mac, Oasis, Springsteen and more. The run included relaxed and captioned performances.
Cast: Greta Gould, Johan Hallstrom, Jason McKell, Rachel Handshaw, Jack Hudson
Director: Chloe Mashiter
Designer: Grace Smart
Lighting designer: Tom Webber
Publicity designer: Sofi Lee-Henson
Press and marketing: Laura Gilbert
Associate producer: Stanley Walton 
With thanks to: The Rag Factory, Theatre Delicatessen, our crowdfunder supporters, the team at Stagetext, Salome Wagaine, Alex Johnston, Stephen Corkey, Mark Stuart-Flynn, Celine Lowenthal and Adam, Keri, Izzi and the rest of the team at The Space.
The Stage - theatre pick of the week
**** 'A fine and surprising revival [...] a bold and seriously smart new version, it speaks of a director and company actively engaged in finding those unexplored spaces, those pockets of fresh air and ideas, that can still be unearthed in such a well-trodden play.’
The New Current
**** 'Honest and touching [...] the richness of the play is powerfully brought to the stage with care and respect.’
Female Arts
**** 'A refreshingly different and inventive take on the play, presented in an intimate set-up, innovatively directed and presented by a strong cast.' 
Postcards from the Gods
'There is really so much to like about this production [...] it constantly feels smartly contemporary [and is] acted with real precision and drive.’

Object Love was first performed at VAULT Festival in January 2015.
Shedding light on objectum-sexual relationships, this show was inspired by exclusive interviews we conducted with objectum-sexual people. Monologues, montages, re-enacted memories and live music were combined onstage to explore a range of touching, heart-breaking and eye-opening stories of peoples’ relationships with objects.
Cast: Cindy Armbruster, Harki Bhambra, Michaela Brooks
Writer/director: Chloe Mashiter
Designer: Grace Smart
Dramaturg: Tom Powell
With thanks to: Theatre Delicatessen; Stephen Bailey; Simone Somers-Yeates; Canavan Connelly; Michael Patrick; Katie Alcock; Laura Gilbert; Katherine Soper; Sean Matthews; Stanley Walton; Richard Reed; Ella Simms; Hannah Quigley; Stephen Whitson; The VAULT Festival team; Erika Eiffel and our various interviewees.
The New Current
**** 'There is a stunning beauty in Mashiter's writing [...] she has researched with care and understanding and has written a play that is so delicate and tender [...] that one is drawn completely into this production.’
Female Arts
'Thoughtfully written and directed [...] Object Love is an informative, in-your-face, yet accessible exploration of three individuals and their relationships with objects. The stories are tender, personal, detailed, and amazingly relatable.’
views from the gods
'As the three characters spend time with their lovers [...] there's a beautiful tenderness on display [...] Object Love is certainly thought-provoking and can't be dismissed as 'just another piece of theatre'. It's a bold new piece of writing with something to capture the attention of even the most jaded theatregoers.’

SPARK was first performed at VAULT Festival in February 2014.
Based on Burger's gothic ballad, solo show SPARK followed Leo's elopement with her long-absent lover, and their increasingly dark, unnerving and heart-breaking journey. Storytelling, original music and tailor-made magic tricks were brought together in an eerie underground cavern.
Cast: Holly Campbell
Writer/director: Chloe Mashiter
Lighting designer: Maud Young
Magic consultant: Jon Armstrong
With thanks to: Nicola Moss, Katherine Soper, Ned Quekett, Rich Mason, Jules Munns and the Nursery, Phil Howe, Rob Ward, Gary O'Donnell and Craig Bennett at White Light, and to everyone on the Vault team (Mat, Tim, Jess, Cliona and Andy).
views from the gods 
**** 'Truly mesmerising [...] Campbell is never anything less than compelling [...] There's an underlying tension, a sense of Gothic horror always in the background.' 
**** 'As the events of the play become darker, doubts start to creep up on Leo, something Campbell conveys extremely well [...] The ending, which is also left open to interpretation, is reminiscent of The Turn of the Screw [...] An excellent psychological thriller.' 
British Theatre Guide 
'With only subtle lighting and sporadic use of atmospheric music, the drama genuinely relies upon [Campbell's] storytelling skills and versatility as an actress to make it work. She is able to flit from emotion to emotion with ease [...] the piece is engaging because of Campbell’s performance and Mashiter’s rich text.' 
Mouth London 
'A disturbing and beautiful rendition of hope, loss and betrayal [...] magical and certainly surreal.'