Reviews from Object Love:

The New Current

  • "There is a stunning beauty in Mashiter's writing [...] she has researched with care and understanding and has written a play that is so delicate and tender [...] that one is drawn completely into this production."

Female Arts

  • ‚Äč"Thoughtfully written and directed [...] Object Love is an informative, in-your-face, yet accessible exploration of three individuals and their relationships with objects. The stories are tender, personal, detailed, and amazingly relatable."

views from the gods

  • "As the three characters spend time with their lovers [...] there's a beautiful tenderness on display [...] Object Love is certainly thought-provoking and can't be dismissed as 'just another piece of theatre'. It's a bold new piece of writing with something to capture the attention of even the most jaded theatregoers."

Reviews from SPARK:

views from the gods

  • "Truly mesmerising [...] Campbell is never anything less than compelling [...] There's an underlying tension, a sense of Gothic horror always in the background."


  • "As the events of the play become darker, doubts start to creep up on Leo, something Campbell conveys extremely well [...] The ending, which is also left open to interpretation, is reminiscent of The Turn of the Screw [...] An excellent psychological thriller.

British Theatre Guide

  • "With only subtle lighting and sporadic use of atmospheric music, the drama genuinely relies upon [Campbell's] storytelling skills and versatility as an actress to make it work. She is able to flit from emotion to emotion with ease [...] the piece is engaging because of Campbell’s performance and Mashiter’s rich text."

Mouth London

  • "A disturbing and beautiful rendition of hope, loss and betrayal [...] magical and certainly surreal"

A Younger Theatre

  • "Lyrical and compelling [...] evoking a surreal ambience"
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